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Maddy Prior 2007

Stones Barn Volume 1

Stones Barn Volume 1 is now available, featuring Maddy Prior, Rose Kemp, Abbie Lathe and Rick Kemp. Contact for more details.

Maddy Prior's Little Trip Out

A new musical venture for Maddy, her songs arranged
, engineered, mixed and produced by her son Alex Kemp at Squirrel Studios.
Lyrics for the CD are available here. More information and sales enquiries:

Excalibur II 2007

Freeborn John

There is a CD and double DVD of Rev Hammer's concert of Freeborn John (recorded in 2005 at the Beautiful Days Festival) now available from Rev Hammer's website. Click here for online shop. Original Studio album Freeborn John also still available click here for online shop

There are also Photos from the concert here are two links - click here - click here



Levellers DVD 2007

With The Levellers

Maddy has sung a version of Julie by the Levellers which is available on the DVD Chaos Theory.

For more info and sales visit



Excalibur II 2007

Excalibur II

Alan Simon had a great success with Excalibur in France a few years ago and has revisited the theme with Excalibur II. Maddy is singing the part of the Lady of the Lake on the track Secret Garden

Alan Simon writes 'It will be in large concert halls (Zinith hall = around 5000 people). All the artists from the album will be on stage including a symphony orchestra and a pipes band. Fairport Convention will be the permanent folk-rock band with a classy light show including movie pictures about the legend.'

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M Prior 2013

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