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Maddy Prior 2007
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Trek News March 2008

This years fundraising Trek for Cancer Research is Mustang, which is next to Tibet, so altitude again!!

Trek News May 2007

My raffle on the Carnival Band tour will be for Awkwasyie Medical Project in Ethiopia. We were in at the beginning of the project but couldn't seem to get it underway, but a team of accountants took a trek there and realised the necessity of some medical help and have used their experise and energy to negotiate the red tape, and seem to have got things going. Maddy's next trek is scheduled to be Cuba in October, all things being well with the ankle.

The raffle will be drawn at Spanfest, our very own Festival to be held in Kentwell Hall in Suffolk.

Those so far confirmed to appear are Bellowhead, Feast of Fiddles, Whapweasel, The Oysterband, Maddy Prior and Friends (with their piece Arthur the King) and of course Steeleye Span.

March 2007

I have begun, with friend Andru Chapman, to go on treks that involve a good deal of fundraising. So far we have gone to Peru, Lapland (dog sledding), Ethiopia, South Africa (the Cederburg Mountains) and Everest Base Camp. Mostly the appeals are for Cancer Research UK, but we added an Ethiopian medical project which finally seems to be coming to fruition. Things can be slow in Africa.

I usually run raffles whilst I'm out on tour, selling tickets in the interval, which has the double advantage of meeting the audience, which I always like, and keeping me occupied during the strangely none-time of the break.

I have found all the treks extremely challenging, though in different ways. The dog sledding was just incredibly stressful, I don't think my upper back has got over it yet. Simply hanging on is excruciating. Most of the mountain treks were in altitude, which means you need to be extra fit, and while I walk for pleasure and keep a level of fitness, I am not an athlete by any means, so I found them very tough. I was so depressed by my performance in Ethiopia that I decided that I had to do another to regain my confidence, so we took on the Cederburg mountains for a short trek in April 2005.

These treks have become something of a yearly event. Andru and I have done five together now, and raised a fair amount for charity. Andru has actually done ten! Early in 2006 we went up to Everest Base Camp, which given the altitude, was very trying. I am not a natural athlete, and although there are those who think these are glorified holidays, I find them gruelling in the extreme, as anyone who has accompanied me will confirm. I whinge a great deal of the way there and back. But I now know that if I didn't push myself I'd let my fitness go completely and turn into a couch potato.

I was expecting to go to Patagonia trekking in March this year, but a tour in France came up with 'Excalibur' and so I cancelled the trek, and decided to do a solo trek in France to coincide with the tour. The tour was postponed, so it made no sense to travel to France. Also I've had trouble with my ankle since going up the Hymalayas with it strapped up and it was probably for the best that I had a bit of a break. So I've now booked to go on a trek in Cuba in October. Andru is still going to Patagonia so we are a bit out of sync, but hopefully will catch up next year.

This blessing was written for me before I went up to Base Camp, by my friend Net:

Travelling Blessing

May your boots be always waterproof
The soles grip sure
The heels never rub.
May your back not ache
Nor your legs tire.
May your eyes see and ears hear
And your spirit soar with the birds you see.
May the trail be true and the bridges fast and the way bring treasured memories and joy to add to your wisdom store.

Net March 06

M Prior 2009